Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to impress a girl from Philippine

How to  impress a girl from Philippine 
Another thing you can do to impress a girl is by going to their house, courteously of course, and exert some effort to converse with the family. This will show that you have no hidden intentions of any kind, and you are interested in knowing the family. If you get freaked out by the fact that you are going to their house to meet the family, then don’t. Going to their house does not actually mean that you are going to marry or get committed to the girl, but rather, this is an act which signifies your respect for her parents. One important thing to consider is being a gentleman always. Never be rude or act arrogantly. This tip not only applies to Filipinas but all the women in general. Most, but not all women do like it when men treat them like they are princesses. If you cannot do that, then the most that you can do is to treat women with respect all the time.

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